Allesley Park walled Garden

It’s Time For You To Visit Your Heritage Garden

Community Heritage Garden

Allesley Park Walled Garden Group was formed in 1997 to recreate a kitchen garden as it might have looked 235 years ago when John Neale, Lord of the Manor and owner of Allesley Hall started to grow his own vegetables, fruit and flowers.

Currently, half of the one and a half acre site has been replanted with vegetable beds, flower borders, medicinal and culinary herbs along with an orchard of more than thirty fruit trees.

The site is run as a community garden with a strong emphasis on education, heritage and chemical-free vegetable production. Donations and new members allow for other areas of the garden to be developed, including a prairie garden to complement the existing kitchen garden created by the Allesley Park Walled Garden Group.

Other features include a bug hotel, a wigwam for children and a wormery that produces much needed high-quality compost and fertiliser.

Our additions to the garden include a pavilion and terrace that will provide facilities for children’s activities, horticultural training, exhibition space and occasional meetings. It may also serve as a visitor centre when gardeners are working.

Allesley Park Walled Garden Group is glad to invite you to join our first family picnic event from 11 am to 3 pm on the 1st of June.

The picnic has a Peter Rabbit theme. Peter and Mr McGregor will be our guests and are excited to join us for this event so do be on the watch for them! Help them both by taking a peek around the gardens, you may spot them wandering around the vegetable patches. Please see details on the Event page.

We are planning several events such as: Blossom Weekend, a Family Picnic with a Peter Rabbit theme, another Family Picnic during the school summer holiday and the most popular Juicing event in Oct for this year. Please check the Events page on our website to write them down in your diary so you won’t miss out on any of our events.

We will all miss you.

We were all proud of the Wigwam that we built for the Walled Garden and will now be greatly missed. In past years, we saw all the young kids and the parents enjoy it so much when they visited the garden. All the waves of laughter and smiles made all of our volunteers proud.

Sadly, the wigwam was completely trashed, pulled apart and scattered all over the area on 14th Jan.

We are happy to announce that a new wigwam will be assembled this year.

Please click the “News” page for more details.

The Coronation Event had a good turnout. Thank you to all the visitors who support us despite the downpour of the weather.

Thanks to Coventry North and West MP Miss Taiwo Owatemi for supporting our picnic event in August.

We had the pleasure of having the volunteer group from the energy company, Shell, who spent a whole day working hard and helping with scything, orchard maintenance and weeding in the hot summer.

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From sewing season till harvest, keep up to date about our committee, the Pavilion exhibitions, our events and much more. Stay informed about how we manage the orchard and how you can grow your horticultural knowledge too. In addition, to know more about the school projects and corporate volunteering from us. Click the heading or the top menu to discover more in our Walled Garden.

Who are the Allesley Park Walled Garden Group?

Allesley Park Walled Garden Group, maintains the heritage garden, is a registered charity organisation, and is in partnership with Coventry City Council, Allesley Park Community Centre and Friends in Allesley Park. The voluntary group nurtures the community garden, runs activities and talks for visitors and acts as an educational resource.

Meet the volunteer team

The garden is maintained by friendly, dedicated members who normally work at the garden on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Our team are all from different backgrounds but share the same ethos for maintaining a horticulture garden as chemical-free and are willing to share our organic experiences and skills with you. All are welcome to visit and chat with us.

We are zero tolerance towards any physical and mental abuse and have a child protection and safeguarding policy with all our events and activities.

Our responsibility

Design & Planting

Our core members set draft designs and sow the seeds for the garden at the beginning of each year for the members to maintain weed-free plots, ready to transplant all the seedlings in the spring.

Garden Care​

The garden is cared for via an organic, chemical-free approach, avoiding the use of weedkillers in our community garden. In terms of saving water, a 1000 LITRE IBC (INTERMEDIATE BULK CONTAINER)has been installed to collect rainwater for use in our garden along with three compost bins and a wormery, used for mulch.

We welcome all visitors to visit the child-friendly environment and refurbished wheelchair access for you and your family.

our funding

Our major funding comes from our membership fees and donations, such as public donations, young plants donations, speech events, monthly markets, tree adoptions and our produce donation during and after harvest season.

In order to keep our heritage garden well organised and maintained, your contribution and donations are much welcome.

Your contribution can make our community walled garden proud

become our member/helper/tree adoptees

We are a registered charity and are in partnership with Coventry City Council. We welcome everyone interested in horticulture, and who are willing to give their spare time to join our group. Your membership, donations, and money from our fundraising events form the core of our garden funds.

Engage with our events/activities

Without your engagement with our group, the events, including our horticulture speech event and activities associated with community service, would not be successful.

Your participation in these events and activities are making our group proud of the achievements made.

bring your meeting/activity to our visiting centre

If you have an idea for a Community Based display or activity and would be interested in using the pavilion, please feel free to contact us.

Some of Our

Recent Projects

Visit us and find out all the features in the heritage garden and participate in our events, markets (current suspended), activities and projects.