About Us

About Us

Allesley Park Walled Garden Group

History and Heritage

Land records at Allesley go back more than 800 years, to the time when powerful barons ruled.  Flynt Avenue in the village recalls Thomas who probably built the very first hall in the ancient deer park.  In later years several important figures lived there: a prominent Coventry banker who founded Coventry’s first hospital; and an internationally renowned publisher who preferred the Arts and Crafts style of domestic architecture.  This owner demolished an imposing Georgian mansion and created another hall that stands today.

Our Goal

Provide unique access for improving mental health, special needs, education, horticulture and strengthen community services.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality organic products and community services with a strong emphasis on education, heritage and chemical-free vegetable production

No Dig trial

No-dig supports the microbes and life in our soil as it benefits from promoting natural aeration, drainage reduces erosion, along with other benefits. The no-dig gardening is becoming a more popular method across the world.

The no-dig trial was started in a small area on 22nd Oct. We’ve been satisfied with the progress and decided to expand to more areas later this year.

Horticulture learning


Everyone is welcome. Come to visit us, enjoy the excellent garden view, and donate to the displayed exquisite organic produce or plants on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.