Our Produce

Our Produce

Allesley Park Walled Garden

In case you do not know that our produces and plants have been harvested and displayed on the shelf by the entry gate since July. You can come to visit the Walled Garden and pick your favourite vegetables and plants.

Any donations for the products are welcome.

The Freshest. Chemical-Free.

Chemical Free

All of our produce is chemical-free. No chemical weedkiller is used in our heritage garden. All fertiliser comes from our compost and wormery, used for our vegetable beds, flower borders, medicinal and culinary herbs and orchard of more than thirty fruit trees.

Fresh & Healthy

Our produce is fresh and healthy and is proudly displayed at the front entrance every day and at all event markets.

As a registered charity, your involvement with all our fresh and healthy food and visiting the monthly market (currently suspended), events, and activities is one of our main sources of funding.

100% Organic

Our mission is a zero chemical environment. In terms of promoting the benefit of organic matters, we encourage our visitors from all communities, events, and the participants of our activities to take this mission and enjoying organic food.


All vegetables are sold at the front entrance on Saturdays. We also provide a range of seedlings and plants for you to choose from.


There are plenty of fruit trees and berries in our garden which includes blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and different varieties of apples, pears, plums, elderflowers etc…

Come to visit us on Saturdays and during our monthly markets. You can purchase our organic produce at the display table near the entrance and contribute with your donations on Saturdays and during monthly markets. We also make some jams from our berries on occasion.

Your generous donations can be seen as a reward for our achievements.

An orchard with more than thirty fruit trees has been raised since 2019. Each fruit tree has been named and labelled after our tree adoptees. Tree adoption was introduced in Jan 2020, with the adoptees choosing their favourite trees by donating £2 for the adoption each year. An interesting activity is normally held in January, an ancient myth named wassailing, hoping the fruit tree will bear their most prosperous growth in the season through a ceremony. The ceremony is our visitors’ most favourite activity, which involves prayers, chanting, singing, dancing in the hope all the trees will provide good produce and making loud noises to ward off bad spirits. We are looking forward to seeing you join our adoption program and the wassailing. If you are interested in tree adoption, please contact us by visiting us on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays or email us.

Herbal Garden

The parterre, a special area, containing many medicinal and kitchen herbs and is located at the entrance of our garden.


coming soon.